Values: The Roots of Greatness

The Adams family’s long record of accomplishment is rooted in values that John and Abigail Adams inherited from their New England forbears. Both came from comfortable but modest backgrounds—his father was a farmer, hers was a minister—yet they rose to political prominence in one generation through a combination of education, industriousness, and the sheer force of their personalities.

They were people of deep thought, passionate beliefs, and purposeful action. During a period of great intellectual ferment and political upheaval, they felt a sense of destiny about America. Time and again, they chose to sacrifice their personal desires and domestic comforts to advance the cause of independence and democracy.

To their children, grandchildren, and succeeding generations, they bequeathed a deep commitment to public service, an unyielding belief in the power of ideas, and a personal code based on faith, integrity, and loyalty.